Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We were busy, busy, busy. We worked around the house on Saturday, headed for my mom's house that evening, and had a full Sunday.

Hubby went to visit his grandmother. My brother and his wife, and me, took the twins to see G.I. Joe while Mom watched the Princess.

The movie was okay. Both boys fell asleep at some point during the show, and my brother complained about the two hours of his life he'd never get back. My sister-in-law and I appreciated the sterling quality of the lead actor (translation . . . mega-HOT!), and there were a few funny lines.

Mostly the movie was just a set-up for the sequel. Lots of cheesy lines from the cartoon that only sound believable coming from cartoon characters directed toward an audience of 6 year olds. And anyone who never watched the cartoon would be totally unimpressed.

I enjoyed it for sentimental reasons, but probably won't be desperately trying to get my hands on the DVD.

Anyway, I hope your week goes well.


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Mary Connealy said...

Hi, it was so fun to see your name pop up on Seekerville. Are you comign to Denver?

How are you?