Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Slowing Down


Well, I wish I had something fabulous to report, but we're sort of in "Winding Down the Summer" mode.

The boys have been fascinated with their new fish-ies. They love the fish and we're having a hard time keeping the boys from overfeeding them.

They also got piggy banks for their b-day, and they love them. So much so that they are trying to carry the banks around with them everywhere they go. Not easy with a big ceramic pig.

The Princess got a hand on my computer yesterday and managed to rip the "A" button off the keyboard. So I am now typing minus the "A", and it's not easy.

I'm critiquing chapters for a friend, and we've had phone calls today about the boys playing fall t-ball, which they are very excited about. They want to play so they can win more trophies.

And that's pretty much it. I'll be very happy when school starts in a couple of weeks. We are trying to get their routine switched back to school mode, but this year the school decided to change their starting time. They will start school at 8:45am and end at 3:45pm. It's kind of nice for me, since I don't have to freak out about the early hours anymore, but I know it can also lead to being late anyway if we don't take steps early to establish good habits.

And with that final note, I'm off the fold the laundry.


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