Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey folks.

Sorry there was no post on Wednesday. One of the twins was home from school with a fever, and I completely forgot to post that day.

He's feeling fine now, went back to school yesterday, but trying to keep him still while his sister ran around the room trying to get his attention was not easy. The fever broke pretty quickly, and besides a headache, there were no other symptoms.

This post is going to be brief.

It's a sad day.

A very good friend of the family, a girl I went to school with (elementary-high school), lost her husband in a car wreck yesterday. Her mother works with my mom, and her step-dad was a great friend of my father's. They had two small boys together, not even in school yet.

SO, so sad. And my heart breaks for this kind, wonderful family. I've known them all my life, and they are the best people.

I am so sorry for their loss.

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carla stewart said...

Denice, I'm so sorry to hear about this loss. My heart aches for you and all that knew this family.