Friday, August 7, 2009

Almost Here


I mean . . . hello, everyone. What a glorious morning.

Sort of.

I'm very tired and grumpy today. I'm basically counting down the days until the boys go back to school. Not that they haven't been great this summer. They actually have been very good.

But I'm ready for the alone time. I'm ready to not wonder where they are at any given moment of the day. One minute they are playing video games in the spare bedroom and the next I hear them launching themselves from their dresser to the floor with pillowcases held above their heads like parachutes.

Or they are playing outside on the back patio with dire consequences promised if they move, I switch the laundry, and return to find them gone. They had opened the garage door and were riding their bikes up and down the street in front of the house.


But they are excited about school starting, too. They are ready to see their friends again and get back to doing their school work.

So I guess I'm off to clean house and hang out with the kiddos. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool and have fun.


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