Monday, August 17, 2009


We've already had a busy morning. All three kids were up and tearing through the house much earlier than usual. This is because we've started putting them to bed earlier in the evening in preparation of school starting this week.


Wednesday is their first day of school and I am soooo happy. We still have some things to get ready for the first day: papers to fill out and return, a couple of short homework assignments, and then we should be good to go.

Over the weekend we did a lot of work on the twins' room; cleaning out their closet, under the beds, behind the dresser and bookcase. And going through ALL their clothes to see what still fit and what didn't.

There was a lot that didn't.

And we rearranged the room.

Today I am working on folding laundry and attempting to keep the house clean for Hubby's aunt and little cousin visiting. Very excited to have them coming for dinner and staying the night . . . at least, I think they're staying the night. Hope so.

Anyway, glad they're coming.

And now it's time to corral the kids and get busy folding.


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