Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Howdy, y'all.

Going with my cowgirl accent this morning. So, anyway . . .

Another fine day. The boys are at school, the girl is sleeping late (woohoo!), and I am enjoying a few moments of silence before the rest of my day begins.

I will be headed for a writer's conference in a couple of weeks, and I am just getting to the point of putting my "stuff" together for the trip. This includes a LOT of things: clothes, conference notebook (which includes even more "stuff"), copies of the manuscript to use during workshops, arrangements while I'm at the conference, etc.

It's just a lot of planning, and then I also need back-ups for certain parts of the plan in case there are changes along the way. This is just how I roll when I travel. Plans and back-up plans.

Maybe I've watched too many spy movies.

Or maybe I've just traveled with too many goof-balls in my time (mainly myself!) and know that if it's possible to go wrong on a trip, it will.

So I will be spending the next several days preparing, making out my schedule, and looking over alternatives in case the schedule falls apart.

I'll see you again on Friday.


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