Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall T-Ball

Hello, all.

Yay, it's Friday!

We don't have a lot of plans for the weekend, but most likely it will involve kids and cleaning.

Last night the twins played their first t-ball game of the fall season. The team they played was their biggest rival during the spring and summer.

The first inning our team played very well, and we were ahead 6-3.

The second inning our team lost all focus, and since the kids are ages 4, 5, & 6, this isn't a major shock. The other team shot ahead of us 9-6.

I took the princess to the car to change her diaper at the beginning of the third inning while our team was on the field. I expected to get back to the other team scoring all kinds of runs. But our boys got their focus back and it was three up, three down, just like that.

Now it was the bottom of the third and our team was at bat. We got runners on the bases and got the score tied at 9-9.

Twin A had gotten on base and was at third.

Twin B was at bat.

I was in the stands having a heart attack. This exact thing happened last summer, but it was reversed who was on base and who was at bat. I decided it was time to talk to the coaches about switching up the batting order. I don't want to go through another nerve-wracking moment of will one son get the game winning hit, and will the other get the game winning run?

Twin B hit the ball right down the third base line, right where the coach told him to. Twin A sprinted home.


We won the game, 10-9.

I got home with a severe tension headache, and vowed to take some sort of tranquilizer before the next game so I don't get quite so worked up.

And that was our first game. Can't imagine what the next 8 weeks will be like.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


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