Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey folks.

I hope your week is going well.

The boys won their final t-ball game, and did okay. They didn't play nearly as well in the last game, and it was obvious as a parent that the kids were just wore out on t-ball. They will be having a pool party next week and will receive trophies for second place in their division.

The boys insist they still want to play in the fall, and they had me outside in the heat yesterday morning so they could practice. But they definitely weren't into it. They whined about who got to hit the ball first, and when they were fielding, I got yelled at if I didn't hit the ball straight to them.

Not exactly a great practice. So we'll probably lay off t-ball for a few weeks to let them recuperate.

We have new neighbors across the street with young children, two boys ages 5 and 2 (the poor Princess is never gonna catch a break and have another girl to play with). The twins like playing with them, and I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of time playing outside with the neighborhood kids this summer.

I'm also gonna have to keep the house picked up and invest in a few summer necessities like paper cups for drinks, a ton of Kool-Aid, and snacks.

But today I'm having an early lunch with a friend, so I need to get the kids and I ready to go.

Hope you all get through the rest of the week. Be back on Friday.


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