Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild Weekend Rides

Hi everyone.

Well, as predicted, the weekend was fun, but HOT!!!

The kids all had a great time at the theme park. The twins were roller coaster monsters, and wanted to go on all the coasters all the time. If it looked dangerous or vomit-inducing, they wanted to ride it.

Their cousins weren't so big on the roller coaster idea, but the twins eventually wore them down.

The Princess did pretty well until mid-afternoon, and then she faded fast. Hot and wilted would be an understatement, but we found some air conditioning, continued to wet her down throughout the day, and after a short nap inside, she bounced back and was ready for the rest of the night.

The adults were exhausted, sweaty, and overall grossed out by the sticky, slimy, grimy day (or at least I was), but we survived and got everybody home in one piece.

Hubby's family had to leave early on Sunday, and we were sad to see them go, but we still had lots of fun. The boys went swimming with a friend yesterday afternoon, then we all (us and the friend's family) had pizza, and practiced t-ball that evening at the park.

They had a good time, went to bed as soon as we came home and got baths, and slept in this morning. YAY!!!

And today we've got to get to the t-ball field early because they have team pictures before OUR LAST GAME OF THE SEASON!!!!

I am SOOOO excited!!!

I know they had a great time playing this year, but I have to say I'm glad it's over . . . at least for a little while. The summer is getting hotter, and I am getting older, and I appreciate being inside with air conditioning during the hottest part of the day.

But I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep us busy for the next 6 or 7 weeks until school starts again.

And now I need to go get the Princess some breakfast. I hope you all have a good week.


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