Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Hey y'all.

Hope your weekend was fabulous. Ours was pretty groovy. My brother and sister-in-law took the twins for the weekend, May God Have Mercy On Them, and Hubby and I got to hang out in relative peace and quiet with the Princess.

It was a good weekend all around. Got to watch Hubby's little cousin play in a softball tournament, even though it felt like 1,000 degrees outside. But it was great to see them and we were glad we went.

Yesterday we spent the day hanging out together and being lazy, which was also nice.

All in all, I'd say things have been pretty good for us.

But there was this thing I saw on the Internet the other day that really got me hot under the collar (not that it takes much).

A woman in New York is on a crusade against junk food in her children's school. She doesn't believe the kids should be getting sweets or anything not "healthy" for class parties, birthday celebrations in class, or any other time.

And while I respect her commitment to making sure her own children establish healthy eating habits that will lead to, hopefully, good health throughout their lives, her insistence that ALL children need saving from junk food by eliminating it entirely from their daily environment is ridiculous to me.

My sons and daughter are active little kids.

My sons have NEVER been chubby, and I've got the baby pictures and family members stories to back it up.

I can't keep weight on them.

I actually had a nutritionist tell me when one of the twins was in the hospital (for a problem completely unrelated to his weight) that I should start adding more fat to his diet, and give him more carbs when possible because he needed them.

The Princess was a fluffy baby with the chubby cheeks, roley-poley arms and legs, and heavy as all get out. She's also been off the chart on her height since her two month check-up. She's almost as tall as some 4 year olds I've met, and she'll turn 2 in September.

And as soon as she could walk, that extra flab melted away . . . or at least redistributed to make her look like an active, lean little girl.

SO from my perspective, I don't buy this woman's argument that it's necessary to ban all junk food from schools, including special events like class parties and birthdays.

I understand the need for, and expect to find, healthy food options in the cafeteria for school lunches. That is an absolute necessity, and I don't believe that should be compromised for any reason.

But the fight against childhood obesity begins at home, by getting parents to turn off the TV, put away the video games (unless it's Wii Fit and you're doing it together), and start getting kids involved in fat burning activities.

Otherwise (IMO) this woman is just barking up the wrong tree.

Anyway, so sorry to go off on my little (long) rant. I hope you all have a good week, and I'll check back with you Wednesday.


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