Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Day

Good morning, y'all.

Well, I'm tired. I stayed up half the night reading a book, which was great, but now I'm exhausted.

It was the new Janet Evanovich book, which I gotta say was totally hilarious, but it's definitely not for everyone. The language can be a problem for some people, though not me. My dad forgot more cuss words than I'll ever know, and he sprinkled them liberally into his everday conversations.

Overall, it was just a super funny book and I really liked it.

But now I'm barely able to keep my eyes open.

Plus I have my five year olds are desperate for something to do. Apparently the mini pool, sprinkler, bikes, toys, sidewalk art supplies, and every other activity in our house aren't enough to entertain them anymore.

Before he left for work, Hubby set them on the task of cleaning their room before their cousins come for a visit on Friday. He told them their room has to be clean by the end of the day, and has to stay that way, if they want to ride rollercoasters this weekend.

It's a pretty powerful motivator.

So we'll be cleaning, and I'll be trying to get some writing done, although with all three kids in the house, it's almost impossible. But we'll see.

Hope the rest of your week goes well.


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