Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good morning, everyone.

It's Wednesday and it's been super busy the last two days. Baseball camp, t-ball games, and playing outside have worn me out.

The boys have loved camp, but the last day has been rescheduled. We got a down pour last night, and the field is a muddy mess.

So that means the game tonight will probably be rescheduled too.

They have won the last two games, including a game against their "rival" team. Both boys have been doing very well, and they are totally into t-ball and baseball right now.

The Princess is getting a little tired of all the baseball stuff, but she's hanging in there.

I'm getting a little tired of it myself. This week we've gone to practice, come home to "play" baseball, taken a nap (YES!!!), get up and play some more baseball, and then get ready for our game. They've played their game well, and then come home after the game to play more baseball.

I'm ready for them to get sick of t-ball. I'm sick of t-ball.

Well, not really sick of it, just worn out this week.

And I'm tired, so I'll post more on Friday.


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