Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Battle Begins

Hey, folks.

Hope your week has been going well. Ours has been nice. Not too much hysterical screaming . . . from the kids or me, not too much wrecking of the house (although a good sweep through the main rooms to tidy up wouldn't hurt), and not too much else to tell.

Things are good.

I'll be hanging with the kiddos for the rest of the week, going through new clothes and clearing out old clothes, and reading, reading, reading.

I figure if I can't have enough peace and quiet to concentrate on writing, I might as well read. I'll also - maybe - try to fit some exercise in there, somewhere. It's not that I don't have the time . . . I don't seem to have the interest. It's one thing to want to be thinner, it's another to put the donut down and do a bunch of crunches instead.

Do I really have the will-power to replace a chocolate bar with 30 minutes of aerobics? Hmmm. Not likely.

But maybe I'll amaze myself and turn into an exercise junkie . . . and all you people out there who know me, stop laughing so hard. You'll wet your pants.

It could happen. I'll make the effort to exercise 30 minutes a day for the next two days, and I'll report back on Friday.

And with that, I'm off to fight the temptation of the chocolate cake sitting on my counter. I wonder who's gonna win that battle? Maybe I'll have to bump the exercise today to 45 minutes and hope I don't have a heart attack.


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