Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cleaning Begins

Hey everybody.

We're just hanging out this morning. I have a huge amount of cleaning to do today, just because I can't stand the mess any longer.

Which means my kids are probably gonna get locked outside with the warning that if they come in the house and mess anything up, they're toast.

It's mostly just the clutter that gets us, and the fact that Hubby and I have a very relaxed sense of urgency when it comes to cleaning. We figure eventually we'll get to it, and when we do is soon enough.

But the clutter has officially gotten on my nerves, so it's time to take action. This will not be good news for my sons. Being the boys they are, living in a sticky world of dirt, grime, and chaos puts them in their comfort zone.

I am not so pleased or comfortable in this environment. It makes me irritated and cranky. And nobody wants me irritated or cranky, especially Hubby.

So the cleaning spree begins this morning, and I need to get moving. Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll catch you again on Friday.


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