Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So Long, T-Ball

T-Ball is officially OVER!!!

We had our last game yesterday evening, and the kids have made so much progress. The twins each got an out, their hitting has improved, and they even scored a couple of runs. We played the closest game of the year. It was like the last game and everything finally clicked in their heads. We almost won. It was great.

My family and my husband's family came to see the game, and we all had a wonderful time cheering the kids on. Super hot, but worth it. We have a pool party in a couple of weeks, and that's it.

I am so happy. No more rushed evenings, fighting to get them into their uniforms, making sure all their gear is loaded into the car, and making sure the baby is taken care of.

But I have to say, for their first team sport, this was an awesome group. The coach was amazing with the kids, and the assistant coaches were so helpful and willing to step in to lend a hand when needed, covering when the head coach couldn't be there. All the kids got along well, no bickering or squabbling, and they learned together.

This was, overall, a great experience for my kids, and I am glad we could be a part of such a fabulous team.

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