Monday, July 14, 2008

Process of Elimination

What a wild weekend!

We are off to Disneyland in just over TWO WEEKS! SOOOOOO Excited! Anyway, next weekend my mom and sister-in-law are coming to the City, and we are going clothes shopping. Now, I don't really enjoy shopping for a specific reason . . . I am picky.

I might have mentioned this before. I know what I like, and I definitely know what I don't like. My tastes are simple, classic styles, solid colors that mix and match well, with an occasional touch of romance or whimsy (like my silver, sequin covered fedora hat from Las Vegas!). And usually my tastes run toward the expensive, not because I prefer shopping in high-end stores, but because the styles I tend to like for some reason are more expensive. So I have to hunt the sales racks to find bargains, and this can take a LONG time.

So for the last two days I have shopped and tried on, scrutinized and eliminated possibilities, all in the name of making next weekend's shopping trip less annoying for my family. And in the process I annoyed my dear hubby and our cranky children half to death. Sorry, honey!!!

But it was a valuable experience. I found out a couple of dress I thought were absolute winners weren't so great. I found one store with HUGE possibilities, and I got a fabulous pair of satin dress shoes on clearance for $13.50!

When I have the final selection, I'll be sure to post a picture. Happy shopping!

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