Monday, July 21, 2008

Shopping Madness

Yet another weekend of crazy activity.

My family came to visit, and all the girls went shopping. And boy, did we shop!

I did, in fact, get my dress for the wedding. We got it at the first store we went to. As I tried dresses on, I kept getting tickled because my sister-in-law would examine the dress, and say, "Yeah, it looks good, but that color washes you out. Better let me try it on." Every dress I tried on she stole from me.

But we picked our dresses, my mom got a couple of tops, and we were off to look for shoes. My S-I-L got two pairs, I got one, and my mom got three.

I got to return the favor to my S-I-L when we shopped for purses, and took the one she was looking at, although that didn't stop her from getting it too, and another in a different color. Two purses each, and then we were off again.

Then we hit the mall. By this time we had eaten lunch and got our second wind. We found the most gorgeous dress at Dillard's for my mom, it made her look like a teenager again, but she refused to buy it. Said it was just a smidgen too tight (which meant it actually FIT, and didn't hang on her like a potato sack), and that she wanted to be comfortable and be able to breathe. I told her being able to breathe was overrated, but she wasn't buying, figuratively or literally.

Then we hit JC Penney's and they had mega-monster SALES going on.


We shopped and shopped and shopped. We started in the children's department for round one, hit the men's department for round two, and finished off in the ladies department for round three. The sales people began ringing up the children's clothing after we brought back the men's clothing, and they had to stop because the computer only allows 5o items per transaction.


But the bargains were amazing, and we saved a ton of money. The twins have new school clothes, my husband has nice, casual clothes for our vacation and to last into the fall, and I have comfy clothes for travel and to wear to a conference coming up in a couple of months.

So it was a great day. And now, for the promised photo. Have a great week.

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carla stewart said...

Wow! Just caught up with your posts. I just thought I was busy getting ready for our big California adventure. But, hey, I can remember a few trips when I had to get FOUR kids ready, and I sympathize with you--it is NO picnic. But, the end results will be worth it. We are going to have so much fun.
AND, I love that dress. You are going to be so jazzy. Love and kisses to all the tots.