Wednesday, July 23, 2008

California Dreamin'

I swear, I think the next three weeks will be all about our upcoming trip to California, how everything goes while we're there, and descriptions of everything when we get back.

I have California on the brain. I keep thinking of new things we need to do before we leave. Then I think of things we need to take with us. Then I think of what we're going to be doing while we're there.

It's getting kind of ridiculous. Laundry has become all about which clothes I'm taking. Dishes and cooking have become all about snack ideas for the trip. Watching TV reminds me of which DVD's we should take for the boys to watch on the way.

The problem with this is that I actually have work I need to be doing. I should have finished the first draft of my latest manuscript, and I'm nowhere close to finished. I have a synopsis to write, rewrites on another book, a proposal to get ready for conference in September, and I should have rewrites for the current WIP to tackle after the trip, but since I'm not finished with it, I obviously can't rewrite it.

And all I can think about is California.


This afternoon I will snap out of it and get to work, and not once will I think about you-know-where.

Yeah, right.

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