Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Days

Well, I wish I had an exciting, fabulous topic to write about today, but the truth is, life has been pretty tame the last couple of days.


I enjoy days of semi-peace and quiet (I have 4 year old twins and a 9 month old who has discovered she is mobile, so . . . ). We've been cleaning the house since Captain Clean (otherwise known as Uncle Dave) is coming for a visit on Saturday. I'll hear about the atrocious state of our house for the next . . . well . . . forever, if I don't have the house mostly clean.

No clutter allowed. Bathrooms must sparkle and shine. Floors must be swept and mopped (repeatedly) to a high gloss. Dishes and laundry must be washed and put away, no piles of clean laundry on an empty bed, no dishes waiting to be washed in the sink. Immaculate counter tops. You get the idea.

Otherwise, we have been having a great summer. The temperature has been super. We haven't broken 100 degrees yet, which is unusual for Oklahoma in July. The evenings have been perfect. It's nice to report things are going well.

I'll see you Friday. Have a wonderful week.

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