Monday, June 30, 2008

Strangest Conversation Ever

I have to say, I think I just had the strangest conversation ever.

The phone rang, and Twin A rushed to grab it. We've been trying to teach them NOT to do this, just pick up the phone and start talking. We've lost a few calls by them grabbing the phone, then hanging up without handing it to us.

But I'm standing right there, and see on the caller ID that he's talking to my sister-in-law. He hands me the phone (progress) and we laugh about kids saying cute things, etc.

Then she says, "I have a weird question for you."

Okay. I call her husband (my brother) and ask strange questions all the time. "Go for it," I say.

"I got a call from the cemetery people, and they want to know if we (meaning her, my brother, me, and my husband) all want to be buried next to your parents."

O..k..kay. Not even a blip on my radar this morning about the possibility of this conversation coming up. I haven't had my first caffeine of the day. It's not even 9am, and I'm trying to decide where my remains shall rest forever.

"Um, I probably need to talk to my husband about this," I said.

"Sure. I called your brother this morning, and he definitely wants to be buried there, but we also have to decide who is on which side of your parents."


"Well, apparently this is a pretty big deal for some people, and the order has to be man,, it's either me, or you, next to your dad."

"Sure, fine."

"And when you decide, they need a deposit for you and your husband to reserve the plot."

"Are you serious?"

"Yep. Kind of like a down payment for a car. Gross, huh?"

Weirder and weirder. This conversation has plunged into the realm of the Twilight Zone. Not exactly something I want to be talking about after getting over a NASTY bout with strep throat that knocked me flat for 5 days.

I hang up promising to call her or the cemetery people when I have a better idea of what dear hubby and I want to do.

While I am not naive enough to think that I can't go at any time, I also don't like to sit around and plan for the end of my life. Too morbid. But I know it is the responsible thing to do, to be prepared, not leaving this planning burden on those we leave behind. So we will discuss our plan, and update our will, and make sure our affairs are in order. Hopefully these plans will be carried out in the VERY DISTANT future.

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