Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleepless Night

Sorry, folks. Today's blog probably won't be very coherent.

I was up most of the night, and am functioning on about 3 hours of sleep. Wednesday night, Twin B crawled into bed with us at 1a.m., scorching hot. Fever of 100.2. My first thought is strep throat since Twin A had that about a month ago. But no nausea and no sore throat. He falls asleep, my husband abandons ship for the comfort of the guest bed (and to protect sensitive body parts from recklessly flying limbs), and I sleep fitfully worrying about the child next to me.

All day yesterday he was in good spirits, though he still ran a fever and didn't feel 100%. We are supposed to go to a company picnic tomorrow, and used that as leverage to keep him on the couch most of the day. "You want to play in the Bouncy Castle and go down the big Blow-Up Slide on Saturday, don't you? Well, you have to rest and get well before you can go."

He ate well, still no nausea, no sore throat, and the fever seemed to be going down; 99.7.

Yeah, on the road to recovery. Until last night.

We gave him a last dose of medicine, hoping the fever would break during the night, but no such luck. He tossed and turned, and his fever burned all night long. Back up to 100.8. He flailed and cried in his sleep, twitched and wiggled. Blanket on, blanket off. Cool rag for his head, now too warm, now too cold, now I don't want it anymore.

From 10pm to 3am, I sat with him and worried. Then I got my husband. Just an hour, I pleaded. Just an hour to sleep, then come and get me again, and I'll stay with him the rest of the night. My husband gets in the bed, and oblivious to the twitching and squirming child at his side, falls asleep until the alarm goes off at 6am. I have no idea how dear hubby does this. Every movement has me sitting upright in a panic. He falls asleep and is dead to the world until the alarm goes off. He even slept through a tornado once, but that's a post for another time.

We give Twin B medicine, which he cries about, then pukes back up. Twin A wakes up and wants waffles with syrup. Twin B doesn't understand why he can't have them too. The baby wakes up and while changing her, Twin A wanders into the room, and entertains her on the floor while I throw the diaper away. Twin B comes into the room, tears pouring down his face because we left him all alone on the couch in the living room.

We have a moment of peace as I write this post, and I hope this is a sign of better things to come during the day. Have a great weekend, and I pray we will have the same.

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