Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warning: A Rant in Progress


Well, t-ball is over. The last game did not go well.

We did lose, which wasn't the problem.

We lost badly, as in, very unsportsman-like on the part of, not the kids, but the parents.

There were a handful of adults who complained to the umps about the scorekeeping, several of the calls, and were frankly getting hysterical about how the kids were playing.

They are little kids. Most of them are up early so their parents can get to work, they are in school and/or daycare all day, and then they are rushed to the t-ball field for the 6pm games, and expected to fully concentrate on the game? Come on.

It was a very cold evening, the Princess refused to keep her jacket on (she thought it was funny to take it off and make me put it back on) so I used that as an excuse to leave the stands.

It was just getting to the point that I was embarrassed by the yelling and carrying on.

Now, I want to make it very clear that I love all our little guys on the team. And I really, really like their parents. I think we've had a fantastic season, and a fantastic group of people this year. Hands down.

But this game, they were just over the top. I was unhappy with the way the other team acted on Saturday, and then our people turned around and acted the same way, or worse. Not cool.

I wanted our team to win just as much as everyone else. It would have been wonderful to go an entire season undefeated. We ended up being 8-1 and we were locked for 1st place anyway. So personally, I think one loss isn't the end of the world. The kids did a great job, they are improving by leaps and bounds every day, and the spring season is going to be fabulous to watch.

But we've got to bring the outrageous anger down a notch. Some days, it is just not our game. Some days, it is. But the adults need to keep it together for the kids. Watching their parents come unglued on the officials, the coaches, or the other team isn't setting the example I want my boys to follow.

So my rant is over now. Please continue on with your day, and have a wonderful rest of the week.


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