Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey, everybody.

Well, we had a super busy weekend. The first event to kick off our mad dash around the state was two t-ball games on Saturday morning.

First of all, it was quite chilly. We had the boys in long-johns and long sleeved shirs, plus hoodies while they played. The Princess had thermal jammies, jeans, a long sleeved shirt, hoodie, plus a lighter coat.

Second, it was muddy. The field hadn't dried enough from the soaking it got on Thursday. And twenty-something little boys from the two teams had way more fun throwing themselves down in the mud than playing the game. And the Princess was determined to drop herself into as much of the mud outside the field as she could find.

Third, our team played well, we won both games, but for some reason there was some sort of situation during the first game that came up from a dead ball play, an out for one of our players, and another of our players going back to third base after he thought he scored.

This situation went from bad to worse because the other team kept complaining to the ump (one coach in particular) about how our player at 3rd should have been called out, too.

The ump said no, dead ball (whatever that means), the kid gets to go back to his base, our other player was already out, end of discussion.

But the other team's coach would not let it go.

So the ump tossed him from the game and refused to let him back on the field until the start of the next game.

Our team was a little shocked by the whole thing. Or at least I was. I didn't see the problem. The kid who should have been out was out, the kid who should have gone back to 3rd base went, no one on the other team ever tagged him in an attempt to make a play so there was no reason to insist the player at 3rd should be out, too.

And all this happened in front of both sets of kids and their parents. It just seemed completely ridiculous to me. If the coach had an issue, it needed to be discussed privately, or after the game, but not in a huge scene in front of the children.

For all I know, the other coach had a legit complaint, and I just didn't know the rules well enough to get it.


Today is supposed to be the last game until the spring season. Hopefully it will be a good game. With no arguing.

If we win, we'll go undefeated for the fall season. But even if we don't, the kids will still have a good time.

That's all for now.


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