Monday, October 12, 2009


I would say good morning, but it's getting close to noon here.

The morning has been insanely busy with cleaning and laundry, and oh, yeah . . . the Princess puking all over her brothers' room this morning.

Talk about a foul, nasty way to start the day.

She was just fine before she threw up, and has been fine since then.

Her brothers were completely furious, and no amount of telling them they have thrown up way more times than her, and in way worse places than on the floor (like our bed), would appease their righteous anger.

So she has spent the morning drinking Sprite, eating crackers, dry waffles, and dry toast, and following me around the house while I clean.

No more vomiting, although she took great pleasure in prying the lid off her sippy cup and dumping the remaining contents down the front of her shirt. Thank goodness the cup was almost empty.

That is why I think this was just a little bit of an upset stomach, and not a full blown flu bug, because she seems to be having a great time today.

So I guess I'll get on with the rest of my day, and hope it doesn't involve cleaning up any more puke.


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