Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey everyone.

So sorry I forgot to post yesterday. My brain has been scrambled for the last week, and the blog completely slipped my mind.

Sorry again.

Well, I wish I had lots of exciting things to report, but there's not really anything going on. I'm working on a manuscript and rushing to get through the first draft so I can get on the edits before submitting.

My critique partner is doing the Book In A Week challenge, and though I didn't sign up with her, we are privately competing to see who can meet and/or exceed their daily word count. That's probably been the biggest thing I've had going on this week.

And the Princess is doing her best to make sure I don't meet my daily goal. Naps are a thing of beauty in our house, and she has become very selective about when she's in the mood for one.

This afternoon I have to take all three kids for check-ups and shots, and I am not looking forward to it. They need the check up, but I hate that they have to get shots. I know they're necessary, and I have to remind myself the whole time they are in the doctor's office.

And that's it for now. I'm off to get my word count in, and wishing the cleaning fairy would pop by my house for a quick clean up.



carla stewart said...

The minute the cleaning fairy leaves my house, I'll alert you!

And whooppee on getting those words churned out.

Love you . . .

carla stewart said...

When I read the whooppee after I posted I thought it sounded like it wasn't a compliment. It was. Wowsers! Keep up the good work.
(is that better?)