Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . Not Really

Hey, folks.

Wednesday is here. Hubby starts his new job one week from today. Praise the Lord!!

He's pretty excited, but I think he's going to miss all the time he was able to spend with the kiddos, and the flexibility of being able to run here and there at will.

Well, it's a rainy, rainy day here. We were supposed to play t-ball on Monday, but the field was still too muddy from rain we had over the weekend, and today looks like another rain-out . . . which is kind of funny because the game tonight was supposed to be a make-up game that was rained-out two weeks ago.

Oh, well.

I guess that's spring time for ya. And while I'm disappointed about missing the games, I'm very pleased with the rain for the crops in our area. Much of the wheat this year was ruined by a late freeze and hail, but some of it is still okay, and I hope the rain helps instead of hurts this year.

Other than that, I guess we've got another busy day ahead of us.

Hope your week is going well.



Tinsley Family said...

so, so ,so happy for Scott's new job!!! Praise the Lord, i miss you guys!!

D.C. Stewart said...

Thanks. We're pretty happy, too. And we miss y'all a lot!