Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello everyone.

It's Monday again, and we have already been busy, busy, busy.

We spent Saturday rushing all over the state (me in Tulsa; Hubby, the kids, and Grandma in Yukon; and then all of us wound up in Thomas), and then we spent Sunday running around helping my brother and his wife with various tasks.

We rushed home last night, and got in very late, but thankfully the boys can sleep anywhere, so they were able to rest all the way home, and went straight to bed after we got here.

Then we all bounced out of bed this morning, got ready for school, and after getting the kids in the building (and stopping to help a crying little boy who needed his momma, who we did find) it was off to the grocery store to buy all the wonderful new foods for my diet.

And the Princess screamed her way through the entire store. Some of it was happy screaming (yay, look at the pretty balloons at the front of the store) and some of it was angry screaming (wahhhh, I want that toy and I want it NOW!).

She just didn't seem to have any other volume except loud and louder. But we finally made it to the car, where she seemed to calm down, and now it is off to nappy-land for her.

We are finished putting the groceries away, and will be making grilled chicken wraps and veggies for lunch. Yum-yum.

And that is pretty much our day. I'll be writing, and Hubby has gotten ambitious and wants to clean out the car. Woohoo!

I'm sure tomorrow will be just as busy for us. And that's all for now.


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