Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy Week

Good morning, folks.

Wow. It seems like we've had a major upswing in activity at our house in the last week.

Monday night, I'm not sure what happened, but hubby and I both ended up with major headaches, like migraines. So we spent most of the night awake and miserable, but on the plus side, the kids stayed in their own beds all night. Woohoo!

Then, very tired from the lack of sleep, Tuesday we got kids off to school, took care of the Princess at home (who is beginning to move into the temper tantrum stage), hubby had a dental appointment, we had Parent/Teacher conferences, and we found out there is a leak under our kitchen sink that needs to be fixed pronto!

And today feels like it will be just as crazy. We've got a plumber coming sometime this afternoon, which means we need to get the house picked up so he's not walking through a laundry and toy mine-field.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend whose house was recently robbed, and giving her a chance to vent about it, be there to support her if I can.

And we've got lots of school work to get ready for the boys. Easter projects, reading, practicing our letters and numbers.

Just a busy, busy week all around. So I guess I'll go and get to work.


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