Friday, March 12, 2010

Okay, I'm going on a rant today.

Shocking, I know. I NEVER rant about anything, ever. *coughs into hand and averts eyes*

SO anyway . . . as I was saying, I know this really doesn't have a whole lot to do with anything unless you happen to live in Oklahoma, which I do.

What is the deal with all these earthquakes lately?! Yes, I realize the strongest one has been like 4.0000000001 or something like that, but come on! This is Oklahoma, not California (waving to Jan and Nancy, hoping they aren't making plans to strangle me the next time they see me).


We get tornadoes. We get blizzards & ice storms. We get floods. We get brush fires. We get dust storms. We even had a hurricane, for goodness sake! Okay, so technically it was the reminants of a tropical depression that came up from the Gulf of Mexico, whirled through Texas, and decided to camp out of over Oklahoma, but still! You say potato, I say hurricane.

Now we get earthquakes.

I know they say weather is ever changing in Oklahoma, but good grief. This is carrying it a bit far, don'tcha think?

And what's next? A volcano gonna pop up out of a wheat field or something?!

BOO!!! HISS!!! NO!!! No more potential natural disasters for our state, thank you very much. We'll just take what we've already been soooo generously given, and some other state can keep the rest. I'm fine with that.

So now my ridiculous rant is over. Please have a lovely, natural disaster-free weekend and enjoy yourselves.


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