Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi everyone.

It is a gray, dreary Monday morning here. Spring Break started about 3:45pm last Friday, and the boys went to Tulsa to spend a few days with Mimi and Papa Max.


Hubby and I certainly appreciate the peace and quiet, and from what I understand, they are having a fantastic time. It appears we may have two junior golfers on our hands.

The Princess has been . . . challenging . . . but despite her best efforts to control Mommy and Daddy's every move, we've managed to get quite a bit of work done this weekend. And a lot of that work was due to my brother and Mom coming over to give us a hand with a few things like fixing electrical outlets, a broken fluorescent light fixture, and replacing a closet door that somehow managed to get a hole in it.

We never managed to get to the touch-up painting this weekend, but hopefully over the next few weeks our spring cleaning/home revitalization project will be completed.

And that's how our weekend went. I'll be picking up the twins later this afternoon, and in a few days we'll be off to visit Grandma Linda.

Hope you all have a great week.


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