Monday, March 22, 2010

Good morning, everyone.

I hope your weekend was wonderful and your Monday is off to a good start.

My Monday is off to a fabulous start. THE TWINS ARE IN SCHOOL TODAY!!!

Spring Break is over!!!

The boys had a fantastic time with Mimi and Papa Max at the start of the break, there were a few questionable days in the middle of the week when I didn't know if we were all going to survive, and the last several days at Grandma Linda's house were terrific!

Grandma has a new puppy, Molly, and the kids just love her! The puppy chased them, they got to chase the puppy, she licked their hands, faces, and toes, and they all had a great time running wild in Grandma's newly fenced-in backyard.

Until the freak blizzard blew in. But of course, my children weren't about to let something as trivial as 50mph winds and stinging snow stop them from frolicking outside. They tromped in and out with the dog, burying themselves in drifts and having an all-around great time.

Before the snow they also got to visit with family, play at the park, visit their uncle at the fire station, and played until they all dropped from exhaustion.

Mommy included.

So that was our week. And now I'm off to catch-up on housework.

Have a great week.


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