Monday, March 8, 2010

Good morning, everyone.

Well, I did not make it to Tulsa on Saturday. My ride and I were discussing her new mommy status and her reluctance to leave her baby for so long, not to mention the incredible amount of cleaning we each had to do in our own homes, respectively, so in the end we just met up for lunch and stayed home.

But we did take the twins to their first t-ball practice of the spring season, and they are very excited to be playing again. And the coach is excited to be playing again, too. He's already making plans for practices and tournaments and game strategies, etc. As long as it keeps the kids occupied, I'm happy.

Then we headed for Mom's house and had a fun day hanging out. The kids were exhausted all the way home, and today the boys are off to school and the Princess is lost in the world of Nickelodeon and playing with her toys.

And I'm going to be tackling house work again, in addition to book stuff.

So that's about it for us. Nothing major or exciting happening at the moment. Hope you all have a fantastic week.


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