Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Surviving Christmas

Hello all.

Sorry this post is a day late. We were all recovering from Christmas overload.

We came home from our holiday travels on Sunday afternoon. It was a LONG 5 days.

We loaded up and left on Wednesday morning. We intended to be on the road by 7am, and on our way to the Panhandle to spend Christmas Eve with Dear Hubby's family. But the night before we left, hubby started throwing up, too.

He thought he was okay the next morning, but an hour into the trip, he began to get chilled, started shaking, and feeling light-headed. While he was driving!

We made it another 45 minutes, and pulled into a town where his aunt lives to get gas. I convinced him to stop at her house to rest, and he decided he couldn't make the rest of the trip (another 2 1/2 hours in the car).

So we visited for a few minutes, dropped off gifts, and drove back to my mom's house. I thought hubby would want to just go back home, but he was convinced he would be well in a day or two, and wanted to move ahead with the travel agenda.

And the rest of the weekend wore on with lots of presents (the kids were positively swamped with gifts), lots of food, and more travel.

But, we did have a great time. I loved seeing our families, though I'm sad we didn't get to see part of hubby's relatives. They are an intriguing bunch, to be sure, his grandpa is downright ornery, and Christmas dinner at his house is always an adventure (last year it was roast yak).

Tomorrow we will be off to Tulsa to visit his parents over New Year's weekend, and I will be celebrating my birthday on Jan. 2.

Happy Birthday to ME! (And, NO, I'm not telling how old I am. And the first person who rats me out will get a great big banner in their front yard on their birthday with an incriminating number if they do.)

And also, Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Tina. It was good to talk to her on Christmas morning, and I hope she has a great birthday!!

Have a Happy New Year, and I hope everyone gets a great start to 2009. See you on Monday.



Tinsley Family said...

Happy Birthday ( early) and Happy Happy New Year!!! love you!!

D.C. Stewart said...

Thanks! You guys have a Happy New Year, too! Miss You!!!