Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Day

Hey, guys.

I'm so sad today. This is the two year anniversary of my dad's death.

I honestly don't know what to write about this. I miss him, obviously. So many things have happened since he passed away.

His first granddaughter was born.

His grandsons started Kindergarten.

There have been trips to Las Vegas, Colorado, and the biggest trip of all; Disneyland.

We moved into our new house.

My brother has done amazing improvements at the ranch. And they may be building a house soon (still not too sure about that, don't know details, so don't quote me).

I don't know what else to say. I miss him every day. He was gruff. He was loud (very loud). Opinionated. Stubborn. Loyal. Hilarious. Loud. Embarrassing (aren't all parents to their kids?). Loved his family. Fun. Did I mention loud? A good portion of the adventures I had as a kid can be laid at his feet.
Then there's the music. Dad and I had this musical connection. We could call each other and ask, "Who sang this or that song? What year? What else did they sing?" And most of the time one of us knew the answer.

Too many times I'm driving down the road, and one of "Dad's Songs" comes on the radio. Some of them make me smile. Some just make me cry.

The Kentucky Derby isn't the same without him. We'd call each other and ask, "Who do you want in the Derby?" I always wanted the gray horse. Didn't even know or care what its record was, the name, its spot in the gate, or anything. Just the gray. Dad knew exactly which horse he wanted, and usually won, or at least placed or showed.

I miss going to the races with him. He always wanted to go to the Derby, but we never made it.

Football isn't the same. I miss giving him a hard time about the Dallas Cowboys. Cheering for the OSU Cowboys, and him giving my hubby a hard time about the OU Sooners. Dad had a personal vendetta against Barry Switzer, and tormented hubby about it.

And I think that's all I can say about this today. I miss you, Dad.


Dad and my brother at the twins 1st Birthday Party. Dad did not

like having his picutre taken.


carla stewart said...

Denice, this post is just beautiful. And I can testify to the fact that your dad loved his family above all. This is a hard time of the year anyway with memories, and to have the anniversary of his death so close to Christmas makes it especially hard.
It's been eight years since my mother died. When I decorated the tree this year and hung some of the many ornaments she'd given me, I couldn't help it -- I cried and cried. You never stop missing them.
My prayers are with you today.

Scott said...

I thought your dad was fairly quiet when I first met him (we all watched an OU-Texas game at your apartment). I guess I'm not very good at first impressions.

Things I miss most about him:
- His love for my favorite food ... beef.
- Mornings at the ranch.
- Arkansas Derby days
- Eating at restaurants (you know what I mean)
- Football games
- Time with our boys at the ranch
- Family gatherings: you never knew what was gonna happen
- He loved his family above all else

I miss him a lot.

Tinsley Family said...

thinking of you, when all of us were together the other night I sang Spirit in the sky ( on rock band game)and me and amanda looked at each other and said for Denice and her Daddy. hope that isn't too weird to tell you, but i thought it was something you would want to know.
love you!!