Monday, December 15, 2008

Typical Monday

And a good Monday morning to you all.

We are coming off a crazy weekend of Christmas shopping, cleaning, getting the clean house dirty again, and movie watching (just reruns, nothing new).


Today, I am just catching up on my blog reading, preparing an article to send out, and tackling the mountain of laundry that I got washed, but never managed to fold.

Darling Daughter is playing, and decided over the weekend that she is the Princess of the World. If her Daddy ignored her for longer than 10 seconds, she melted down into a screaming hissy-fit. She could have cared less if Mommy was in the room or not, and when I did come in to calm her down (poor Hubby was about to pull all his hair out: she wouldn't even let him go to the bathroom alone), the "Pretty, Pretty Princess" routine died down real quick.

And that's it for us.

I'm going back to work on my proposal, and I'll talk to you again on Wednesday.



Tinsley Family said...

ahh, mommy- she is the pretty pretty princess :)

D.C. Stewart said...

It's really cute the first five or ten minutes, but after a couple of hours of The Pretty Princess routine, we're both ready for her royal highness to abdicate the throne.

Tinsley Family said...

trust me, we know ALL about it ;)