Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All The Good Ones Are Gone

I know this is my second post in the same day, shocking to say the least, but I just had to blog about my frustration.

Like the entire cyber-world (or at least the few of you who read my blog) wanted to hear about this.

I am so annoyed that one of my favorite shows on TV is being cancelled, Eli Stone.

My sister-in-law warned me over Thanksgiving that she thought it was a goner, but I didn't take heed, and now I am so disappointed to find out it's true.

Basic premise: a high powered attorney starts having "visions", goes to see his doctor (who is also his brother) and finds out he has a brain aneurysm. So he has visions about cases he is working on, and questions whether a higher power is leading him on a prophetic journey to help people, or is the aneurysm just making him wacko. And if it is God, just what does He want from Eli anyway.

This show has a stellar cast: Jonny Lee Miller (who happens to be Angelina Jolie's first ex-husband), Natasha Henstridge, Victor Garber, Loretta Devine, and more. There are musical numbers (some of them VERY well done, some of them corny, but cute), great dialogue, funny scenes, dramatic scenes, conflict out the wahzoo . . . I love this show.

And therein lies the problem. I love this show. When "I" love a show, and really get into it, it is the official kiss of death for said endeavor.

If I get in on a new show right from the beginning, and faithfully watch every episode, that show will go belly up within the first two seasons.

If I come in late on a series and have to catch-up, it lasts for years. Seriously.

And yes, I know I am placing way too much importance on my ability to make or break the fate of a television show in Hollywood, but still. After the third or fourth time this has happened, I'm beginning to wonder what the deal is.

I would love to start a "Save Eli Stone" petition, but the truth is, I have other things to do. I just hate to see a good show die when I know it will be replaced by junk later. And I'm sure there are those who would argue that Eli Stone is the "junk", but it was clean, good-humored, and wasn't afraid to touch on God and His sovereignty in our lives.

I liked that.


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