Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello, all.

Sorry I missed Wednesday's post. I had to take a sick kid (who is actually fine now) to the doctor, and kept him home from school all day, so I didn't get the chance to post.

And this morning was pretty crazy, too. I had to get the kids to school, and then I came home and colored my hair because Mother Nature was not kind and gave me LOTS of premature gray hair. She also gave me cellulite and an abhorrence for exercise, so all around I've got issues.

But at least I was able to take care of the gray hair problem, and my color is now a light brown.

I am off in a few hours to pick up the twins, and then Hubby has agreed to watch the kids while I go to a HUGE book sale with my critique partner. This is like my version of Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving. All the books are supposed to be $1.00 to $0.50, so I am majorly pumped.

And now I am off to make lunch for myself and the Princess. Hope you all have a great weekend and have fun.


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