Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Queen of Scream

Good morning.

Oh, I am so tired.

Dear Hubby did not feel well last night, and chose to sleep in our spare bedroom to try and get a solid night of uninterrupted rest. I totally understand and respect his decision, not to mention I really don't want to catch whatever he's got.

But the twins woke up in the middle of the night, and crawled into bed with me. So I woke up about 4:30am with a hand in my face (and a finger precariously close to being up my nose), and a knee jammed into my lower back.

And every time I shifted, or tried to move them, I would get whacked again in a new location, someone would complain in a high-pitched whine, and fall right back to sleep again.

I was not so fortunate in my ability to drift off, and am very tired for it this morning.

And I'm not sure how Her Royal Highness slept last night, but she has been displaying a foul temper this morning.

Her worst tantrum came when her Daddy and brothers left for work and school. She tried to follow them out to the garage, but Daddy scolded her (and I say scolded with tongue in cheek; in reality he sing-songed "No, no sweetie. Daddy has to go bye-bye."), and nudged her back into the laundry room.

You'd have thought he slapped her to the ground, screamed in her face, and kicked her for good measure. Good grief. She is definitely gonna be a drama queen like her momma.



Huge, fat tear-drops rolling down her fluffy cheeks.

Cherry-red nose.

She ran into the dining room. Turned to see the door closed to her. Flung herself to the ground. Let out a blood-curdling wail. Buried her face in her arms. Peeked to see if Daddy had come back yet (he didn't; he and the boys were already in the car backing down the driveway). Screamed again. Repeated the process.

Finally she came to the realization that Daddy wasn't coming back, and decided she needed me to comfort her. She let me hold her for all of ten seconds before squirming to get down.

When I set her on the floor, she looked up at me with more tears streaming down her face and started to cry again like I had abandoned her.

After about five minutes of snuggles and kisses, she calmed down and was ready to play.

Hopefully a good nap this morning will put her in a better mood. And maybe a good nap for me as well.


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