Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A House Divided

Here's the skinny.
I'm about to violate the sacred vows of marriage, and air our dirty, domestic laundry to the whole world.
I am annoyed with my husband.
Over the silliest argument in the world. Fantasy football. Yes, you read that right. Fantasy Football.
And I will explain. My dear hubby loves sports. L-O-V-E-S them! Football is, by far, his favorite. I also happen to enjoy football, and can blame my dad for that one. By the time I was five I could name every NFL team. We ran drills and everything. I was the only girl in my kindergarten class who knew how to run down and out patterns.

Anyway, over the years my husband and I have discovered some interesting (aka horrifying) quirks about our mutual appreciation of football. Like it's not so mutual. I like OSU (Oklahoma State University for all non-Okies reading this post). My husband, and his entire family (waving at the in-laws) love OU (anybody who doesn't know OU, well you've just been living under a rock, and need to crawl out of there).
I will cheer for OU in every game of the year, except one. Bedlam. OU vs. OSU. Then it's every man for himself, and most of the time, to my disappointment, OU wins. But I do get the rare victory, and it keeps me going.
Then we have the NFL. (And again waving at all my in-laws, please don't hurt me later) I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys. This is another incident in my football education that can be laid at my dad's feet. I heard nothing but the wonderful, glorious, amazing (gag me) attributes of the Cowboys my entire childhood. All other teams existed solely for the purpose of being crushed by the Cowboys on Sunday afternoons from September thru November. And thus I came to loathe the team.
Now my husband has two Fantasy Football teams this year. One with his brother, and some of his in-laws, and one at work. We discussed his picks all the way to my mother's house, all weekend long, and all the way home. I had two requests: get Peyton Manning, and get Michael Crayton. Crayton is a wide receiver for the Cowboys and yes, this seems contradictory, BUT he played for the teeny, tiny college I went to: NWOSU. So I like him.
And they are both good players, obviously Manning is AWESOME, but they're both good, and would be good additions to the team. Now, here is the annoying part. My dear hubby had the chance to get Manning and PASSED HIM UP!
He picked some clown-shoes receiver from the Rams (the Rams! people. I mean, come on!), and my new sister-in-law's father got Manning instead. (Waving at Jan!) And he got Eli, too!
So I have decided to cheer for Jan's fantasy team! My hubby did get Crayton on one team, and after being drilled by me, managed to get Manning for his work fantasy team. But still, it's the principle of the thing.
This is just another example of our mutual, yet totally opposite, love of football. I'll keep you posted on how the teams are doing.

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