Monday, September 15, 2008

And a happy Monday morning to you all.

I am SO tired! I spent the last two days pounding away at the keyboard, and I am still not finished with my book. But yippy-skippy I am on the LAST chapter, and hope to type the magic words "The End" today!

However, I ask that you keep my poor, over-worked, under-appreciated husband in your thoughts. He had all three kids under his watch the entire weekend, and I think he was glad to be going to work this morning, just to get a break. Usually you hear, "Aww, Monday. I gotta go to work." Dear Hubby said, "Ohh, Monday! I get to go to work!"

And beginning mid-morning on Wednesday, he will have them all again until Sunday evening. Bless my dear, sweet mother (Hi, Mom! waving!) she will be coming out Thursday night and helping most of the weekend.

And bless my dear, sweet mother-in-law (Hi, Carla! waving!) because she will have to put up with ME for five days! We are off to the ACFW Conference together, and let me tell ya'll, when it comes to traveling and conferences I am the most neurotic, whiny, pathetic thing you ever saw. And that poor woman is going to have to drag me around two airports, a hotel, and then pick me up off the floor of our room when I have to pitch my story to an editor and an agent (or she'll at least have to drag me out of the bathroom from the floor if she wants any privacy in there!).

So wish her luck, too.

And now it's back to work. Later!

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