Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey everyone.

Sorry I did not get to leave a message for you all on Wednesday. We were in the process of preparing to leave for my mom's house for Thanksgiving and realized one of the twins had pink eye.

So we called the doctor's office, and they sent in a prescription.

Then we realized the Princess had gotten ahold of a pair of the boys' glasses.

Mangled the frames.

So we ran those to the eye doctor in town, who bravely attempted to repair them, but alas, could not.

We'll be picking up the new glasses sometime next week.

We had to stop for gas, and then drove to Wal-Mart for the prescription. Where we waited and waited for an eternity (30 minutes) to get the eye drops.

Got to Mom's house, and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Had the family over for dinner yesterday. It was great, as always.

Came home late and put everyone to bed, me included. I was exhausted.

Got up this morning, hopped in the shower, and got out to the sound of one of the twins crying. He was throwing up in the other bathroom.

We were supposed to be getting ready to go to Hubby's family Thanksgiving. So after a quick call to Hubby's folks, we decided that I would stay home with the sick child, and Hubby would take the other two kids to his parents' house.

So I don't get to enjoy another Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm trying to keep the sick kid still because he wants to be up and around.

I know he needs to stay home and rest, but I was looking forward to visiting with family.

Oh, well. I'm sure I'll manage. Twin B and I will hang out, watch movies, and rest. Tough times, but someone has to do it.

Hope your Thanksgiving was good, and the rest of your weekend it fantastic.


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