Friday, February 6, 2009

Victims of the Economy . . . NOT!

Hey y'all.

Well, it's Friday again, and usually I applaud the gateway to the weekend, but this is a sad Friday for us.

Yesterday, dear Hubby was laid off from his job. Along with 30 other people at his company.

We've known for about 2 weeks that the lay offs were coming. Hubby was pretty sure he would be one of those losing their job, and began to make plans. Got his resume updated, started researching other job opportunities in the area (I helped with this), and worked on crunching some numbers to see how long we'd be okay before he finds other employment.

And yesterday was the day.

He called me in the middle of the morning to tell me he was coming home. We talked for a while, and though it might not have been the fiscally brightest move, we grabbed the baby and went to lunch.

I just thought he needed something "normal" to do. It was about that time of day, and if he had been at work, he would have been making plans for lunch, whether it was something he brought, or going out to grab a bite.

So we sat, ate, and talked. Had a sweet funny waiter, and contemplated the people around us, going about their day.

How many of them had just encountered a life-altering event? Were they trying to hang on to something normal, too? Like having lunch?

But we were both a little surprised as the day wore on, and evening fell. We weren't that freaked out. Hubby was getting calls from former co-workers expressing sympathy, and he was checking in on the other people who lost their jobs.

In this early stage of Life without a Job, we're pretty optimistic.

My concern is I know hubby will find work. He's got a Master's degree in Statistics. I know he'll get something, somewhere.

I'm only qualified to ask a customer if they want fries with that, without some additional training. And even then I still wouldn't be able to replace Hubby's entire income.

But we're going to be praying for guidance, and awaiting the changes God has in store for us.

Have a great weekend, everybody.



Tinsley Family said...

I am thinking of you guys and praying that something great comes along FAST!!!!!

D.C. Stewart said...

Thanks guys. I think we'll be okay, and we're praying for something fast, too.