Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100's Day and A New Blog

Good morning, all.

Hope you're having a good week. This are typically crazy here at the casa.

The boys have pictures at school today, and their classes are also celebrating "100's Day".

Today is their one hundredth day of school (it would have been last Friday if we hadn't been out for three days with the ice storm), so they had to bring 100 items to show their class, ex. pennies, cereal, pasta, pencils, etc.

Now, this seems like a mundane chore; grab 100 little items from around the house and off to school we go.

But noooooooo . . . not my kids.

They have fought since Monday afternoon, right up until the moment they walked out the door this morning, about what they wanted to take, and who got to take it.

They both wanted to take the pennies. Well, I had two rolls of pennies in the house (yay, lucky coincidence), but I haven't had the chance to get to the store or bank to get a couple more rolls.

So only one could take the pennies.

That caused a fight.

Then we moved beyond the money to other items I knew we had in the house: a couple of decks of cards, cereal, pasta, brown paper bags (I had a new bag of 100 because I pack their lunches in the bags), ziploc sandwich bags, pencils (with the name of my book and my name printed on the side), crayons . . . we had a pretty decent list going.

Except they kept wanting to take things like cars, trucks, trains, animals, etc. Way too heavy, but they didn't appreciate that perspective.

And each item started a new fight.

I was ready to just say forget it, you're not taking anything.

But this morning I was finally able to negotiate a deal to every one's satisfaction. Twin A took the pencils (after counting each and every one to make sure he had 100) and Twin B took the pennies (he wanted to bust open the rolls and count them all, too).

So everyone is happy again, and I'm sure I'll hear all about 100's on the way home from school.

And on a personal note . . . I can't believe I forgot to tell everyone about the new blog I'm on with several of my writing friends.

It's called "Romance Your Spouse", and is about exactly what it says, stories and advice on romance in your marriage from many points of view; married with no children, married with young children, married with teens, and married with grown children. And we occasionally throw in the male point of view as well.

If you've got the time, drop by for a look:

I'll "talk" to you again on Friday.


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