Monday, February 16, 2009

Her Majesty's Loyal Subjects

Good morning, all.

It's Monday again, and we are all at home due to the boys being out of school for President's Day.

Oh, joy.

The Valentine's party at school was nice, and the twins had fun. Valentine's evening was relaxing for Hubby and I, at least it was once we got the kids in bed. For the full disclosure on the evening, check out tomorrow when I post about the ups and downs of the day.

I am hiding at the moment, just so I can get this post typed, because all the children are going crazy. And they are mostly going crazy for their Daddy.

I truly feel sorry for my husband right now, not because he was laid off and is looking for another job, but because the children are taking merciless advantage of his time at home.

Especially the Princess.

Oh, my goodness.

I was on the phone with my mother yesterday afternoon. She is on a ski trip in Colorado with my brother, my sister-in-law, and some of his friends. While we were talking I put the baby in her play-yard so she wouldn't get hurt while I was distracted.

Now, Her Majesty was just fine with this arrangement, reading her little books and playing with her toys . . . until her Daddy walked into the house.

He had been outside playing with the boys, but came in to get a drink. The moment she heard his voice all heck broke loose.

She was up, waving her chubby little arms over the sides of the play-pen, bouncing up and down, showing off to get his attention. He smiled at her, finished his drink, and headed back outside.

He was back in the house a few seconds later because he could hear the screeching all the way out in the yard.

The Princess was crying her eyes out; huge, fat crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks; head thrown back in abject sorrow; lungs pushed to capacity with her pitiful sobs; and her vocal cords were strained to the breaking point from her tormented wailing.

With my mom still on the phone, she makes the educated guess, "The baby wants her daddy?"


Mom laughed. "She sounds awful."


Hubby collected the Princess from baby-prison, bundled her up, and took her outside with him for a few minutes, then everyone came back in for a while, but her majesty refused to leave his side for even a moment.

So hubby is just a little frustrated with all this glorious attention, and I suspect he is more than anxious to get back to work, for multiple reasons.

Hope you all have a great week.


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