Friday, October 10, 2008

A Sacred Ritual Every Year

Good morning to you all! It's Friday, yay!

And I have to work this weekend . . . BOO!!
Well, not work technically. I got a call from my brother this week (and I'm going to pick on him because he's my younger brother, and that's what big sister's do), and he asked if we were coming out to the ranch this weekend to help fix fence.

I told him it was a possibility. Tonight we have the Fall Festival at the boys school, but Saturday and Sunday we didn't have big plans that I was aware of.

Oh, but wait. I forgot the most sacred day of the year in Oklahoma. At least according to my husband.

The Red River Shootout. OU vs. Texas.

The one day of the year where a state divided by OU and OSU fans are able to unite against a common enemy, the despised Texas Longhorns. The game is played every year in Dallas, and if you are not one of the fortunate few able to attend the game, you must watch at home or at least be near a radio if you have to be at work somewhere out in the field, in an office, or at a store.

If you pass a pedestrian on the street, all you have to do is ask, "What's the score?" and even little old ladies with walkers can tell you, "Well, OU was up in the second quarter, 17 to 10, with about 3 minutes until halftime."

Well, when my brother found out about the game, that changed everything.

For starters, there was no way he was gonna be able to get my husband away from the TV between 11am and 2:30pm tomorrow. Not gonna happen.

Number two, my brother didn't realize this auspicious occasion was upon us, and he really wanted to watch the game, too.

And number three, when the goofy clod started making plans, he forgot to consult one particularly important person . . . the queen of the ranching scene . . . my mom. She already had plans for the weekend, and goofball never asked what her schedule was like.

Sooooo, the whole weekend has been rearranged to make special consideration for Mom's plans and the football game. And since I am part of Mom's weekend extravaganza, I won't be watching the game, either. However, I will have my cell phone, and will be getting regular updates throughout the afternoon.

We'll see how much work winds up getting done at the ranch.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


carla stewart said...

Oh yeah, the OU/Texas game. I've been to a few and watched most of the others. Once when the kids were little, someone gave us two tickets. Max took Scott to the game since he was the one who was nuts about sports. The other boys and I rode the tilt-a-whirl and ate cotton candy while the game was going on.

James and Allison are going to the game, but now that they're an "old" married couple, they're just staying with friends and only going to the game--no partying. At least that's what they say :-)

D.C. Stewart said...

Well, you know Scott. When I mentioned helping with the cattle, his first words were, "Sure, but can it wait until after the game?"

I'm glad for James and Allison. I thought they said they were going during the birthday party. I'm sure they'll have a great time, especially if OU wins!