Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Howdy, ya'll!

That sounds so much cheerier than I actually feel. I woke up yesterday morning with shooting pain down my neck and across my right shoulder. And it still isn't completely gone.

So I spent yesterday on the couch, with the exception of the times I was feeding the baby, changing her diaper, and crying because it hurt so bad to feed and change her. But, for the most part, she is easily entertained on the floor or in her play yard, surrounded by toys and having a great time.

Today I just hope to get some work done, keep the kiddos out of trouble, and get rid of this biting pain in my shoulder.



Mary Connealy said...

You're the third person I've talked to this week with shooting pains in their neck.

I think it's the presidential election.

D.C. Stewart said...

It could be. My mother told me she had it, too.

We were wondering if it was some sort of mutant virus unleashed by terrorists as a new way to topple the economy by making everyone's neck and shoulders hurt.

Well, I wondered. She thought my imagination was running away with me. Imagine that.