Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Day

Hey, folks!

As a person who is supposedly an adult, you would think I would have learned by now to be prepared for stressful days.

I knew today was going to be busy. I've known it for a week. I've had most of the activities for the day written down on my calendar, and knew I should be ready for the hectic pace.

But I started out the day with a pounding headache and oversleeping by twenty minutes because the alarm clock did not go off. Most likely due to operator error.

This meant throwing the boys into the bath tub for a quick rinse while hubby sped through a shower. Luckily I took mine last night before bed.

At first, the boys wanted out because they were cold. But by the time their bodies adjusted and they wanted to play with bath toys, it was time to get out. So I had to drag them kicking and screaming, literally, from the tub and got soaked in the process.

The baby delighted in their misery, of course, but became furious when her own bath time fun got cancelled due to a lack of time. She had to settle for a sponge bath, and did not appreciate it. And felt compelled to inform me of her irritation with loud screaming.

So hubby is done with his shower and trying to get himself and the boys dressed at warp speed, but none of them move that fast. They have two speeds: slow and slower. Today they chose slower.

Now all the men in the family are dressed and ready to go. The baby is drinking a bottle before I dress her. The backpacks are ready, lunch for Twin B is ready to go . . . but, wait a minute, paperwork to fill out for school, and they need money for something or other, reading quickly, fundraiser for whosy-what. Okay, fine. Throw everything into the bag. Get dear hubby out the door with the kids and a mountain of paperwork of his own that MUST be filled out before we leave for our anniversary trip tomorrow.

Take a deep breath.

Rush to the baby's room and get her dress. Rush to my room and get me dressed. Watch the baby eat one of hubby's old leather belts and refuse to contemplate the number of germs she's ingesting. Clear out the diaper bag and a month's worth of yuck from inside, restock with all new supplies, and we are off to meet Twin A at the Pumpkin Patch for a school field trip.

And pull out of the garage to pouring rain. Great.

Drive to the Pumpkin Patch anyway, and sure enough, despite the drizzle, wind, and cold, they are having the field trip. Get out with the bundled up baby, and hold her out of the weather for an hour while the kids do the pumpkin experience.

Then I drive Twin A to a doctor's appointment that could not be rescheduled, and my perfectly calm and collected child from the field trip turns into a squirming nightmare the entire time we are at the hospital. Even the receptionist had to tell him to please sit still in his chair so he wouldn't fall while I held the baby with one arm and filled out paperwork with the other.

He wiggled while we waited. He wiggled in the office. He wiggled during his exam, and as we left, and in the car, all the way to McDonalds for his lunch.

Then we rushed back to the school, and I have a two hour break for laundry and other home tasks before I have to pick up the boys from school, and we have to go to eye appointments for both of them.

I'm tellin' ya, I might not make it through the day. Moms who do this on a regular basis and hold down a full time job outside the home should be given a medal and a week at a plush spa resort.

So the moral of the story is be prepared so you aren't rushing, rushing, rushing and dropping dead from exhaustion.


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