Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ramblings for the Day

Hey, guys and gals.

Today I have a guest blog post on I talk about getting my first sale, and the messy aftershock.

Drop by and check it out.

I am so happy for my OSU Cowboys. (I know, sudden change of subject)

I wanted to write about it on Monday, but honestly, I forgot. But with dear hubby's sports knowledge filtering through the house on a regular basis, I was reminded last night.

Though my Boys dropped in the rankings, I'm really not that upset. I'm proud of my guys. They played No. 1 Texas down to the wire! It even looked at one point like they were gonna blow right past 'em.

OSU hasn't always had the strongest record with their football program. But the thing I constantly remind my husband of, and he laughs at me, is that OSU excels in other athletic venues: basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf. I love that they are a diverse school who strives for and achieves success in many areas, not just football.

Now, having said that, I hope they continue to rock the house in football this year, and head straight for a top ranking Bowl Game.

Go Pokes!


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