Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Vacation Answers

These are some of the responses I got when I asked the fifth graders from my class visit last Friday, "What do you like to do during summer vacation?"

Sarah said: In my summer vacation I like to play outside with my sister and dog. I like to go on vacation with my family, usually to Colorado. I also like spending the night with my grandparents, and play with friends, go swimming, and last of all sleep in.

Austin said: Going to Florida. Going to Branson. Sleep in. Swim. Go to the lake. Play tennis. Go to Brookhill. Play video games. Play golf. Visit grandparents.

Cameron said: Fish. Camp on islands in our boat. Swim. Shoot guns at our farm. Dive with my dad. Catch snakes and spear fish.
(Okay Cameron, I was with you until you brought up catching snakes. Ewwwww!)

Blake said: Go see St. Louis Cardinals game in St. Louis. And see grandparents.

AnaLaura said: Go to the beach with the Crains'. Hang out with friends.

D.C. here: On Wednesday, I will post more answers, but I am already starting to see a pattern forming about what fifth graders like to do during summer vacation.

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