Friday, May 9, 2008

Last Summer Vacation Answers

These are the last answers to my question for the fifth grade class at Little Rock Christian: What do you like to do during summer vacation?

Hannah said: Go to my grandparent's farm. Go to the lake house. Go to camp. Stay home and play with my family. Sleep over with friends. Go to the beach. Go to the pool. Ride horses.

Laura said: Water ski. Ride my horse. Go to the beach. Brookhill Camp. Water parks. Innertubing. Lake house. My birthday. Hang with friends. Having shaved ice. Write. Not think about school.

Meg said: The pool. Brookhill. Wild River Country. Friends. No school. Florida. Play outside. Purple Penguin. Snow cones. Ice Cream. Trips.

Daniel said: My favorite things to do on summer vacation are 1.) Going to VR, 2.) Meeting friends, 3.) Going to Florida, 4.) Watching TV, 5.) Playing video games.

Jacob said: Roller coaster parks. Play video games all summer. Visit Arkansas State Parks.

Hayden said: Sometimes I go to camp. Most of the time I'm in an AAU Tournament.

Lillie said: My favorite things to do over summer vacation are; going to Brookhill, seeing my cousins in Texas, going to Florida, and swimming in my grandparent's pool in their backyard.

Brooks said: 1.) Go to the beach
2.) Swim
3.) Sleep late
4.) Go to friend's house
5.) Go to grandmother's house
6.) See family

I just want to say again how much fun I had visiting with all these kids. They asked great questions; I hope I gave decent answers. You guys have a GREAT summer!

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